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Making Homecoming Sparkle
For Over 25 Years! 


We create show-stopping mums every year!  All photos are of custom mums that include more purchased items than what our basic Mum or Garter comes with.

Don't forget to ask about special packages. We set trends every year with our style & designs! 
School colors included with order.




Have an idea for a different type of mum? We can build (almost) anything you can think up! Previously we have created :
  • Drill Team Boot
  • Drill Team Boot + Heart
  • Over The Should (Pair any two shapes you want, including a "mini" shape on your back)
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer ball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Skateboard

Contact us or stop by the store for a free consultation to discuss your idea!
1 - Single Mum
A single flower surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. Make this mum extra special by adding premium ribbons, braids, chains and charms!
1T - TEXAS Single Mum
This is a single that's super-sized! An 8" flower makes a big impact. There's a lot of room in the flower to decorate so plan accordingly with your charm choices!
2 - Double Mum
Two flowers in a vertical line surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. Don't forget to pick out some extras to make it your own!
2T - TEXAS Double Mum
Two 8" flowers are real eye-catchers, surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. The two flowers give you a LOT of room for personalization!
3 - Triple Mum
Three flowers in a vertical line surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. There's a lot of room to personalize this mum.
3H - Heart Mum (Triple)
A heart-shaped mum perfect for any sweetheart! Choose your backing buildout, and then go to town personalizing it with extras!
3H2 - Double-Heart Mum
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3H2 - Double-Heart Mum

This is 2 heart mums constructed together as one mum. Extra special for your special someone. Choose a backing buildout and plenty of extras to fill the 6 flowers and extra wide ribbon base.
3T - TEXAS Heart Mum (The Original!)

This mum is the creme of the crop and the largest mum we offer without consultation.  It includes 3 - 8" flowers and surrounded by the backing buildout you choose.   Be prepared for a very wide finished product.
4 - Quad Mum
This is a gorgeous mum! It's easy to wear since it is split into two double mums that are connected with a braid, chain or similar. Can request it as 4 mums combined in a 2*2 shape.

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