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Making Homecoming Sparkle
For Over 20 Years! 
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We create show-stopping mums every year!  All photos are of custom mums that include more purchased items than what our mum 'basics' come with.

Don't forget to ask about special color/print packages.  We set trends every year in our styles & items offered! 
School colors included with order, fees varies for packages below.
  • Junior Package - Gold & White (includes shiny & metallic ribbons)
  • Senior Package - Silver & White (includes shiny & metallic ribbons)
  • Hot Pink with your choice of accent colors
  • Turquoise with your choice of accent colors (looks great with brown)
  • Zebra / Leopard / Cheetah (can be paired with any base colors)
  • Camouflage


1 - Single Mum
A single flower surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. Make this mum extra special by adding premium ribbons, braids, chains and charms!
Color Package:
Names (2 Come on Mum):
School & Colors:
Homecoming Date:
1T - TEXAS Single Mum
This is a single that's super-sized! An 8" flower makes a big impact. There's a lot of room in the flower to decorate so plan accordingly with your charm choices!
2 - Double Mum
Two flowers in a vertical line surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. Don't forget to pick out some extras to make it your own!
2T - TEXAS Double Mum
Two 8" flowers are real eye-catchers, surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. The two flowers give you a LOT of room for personalization!
3 - Triple Mum
Three flowers in a vertical line surrounded by your choice of backing buildout. There's a lot of room to personalize this mum.
3H - Heart Mum (Triple)
A heart-shaped mum perfect for any sweetheart! Choose your backing buildout, and then go to town personalizing it with extras!
3H2 - Double-Heart Mum
Click for Detail
3H2 - Double-Heart Mum

This is 2 heart mums constructed together as one mum. Extra special for your special someone. Choose a backing buildout and plenty of extras to fill the 6 flowers and extra wide ribbon base.
3T - TEXAS Heart Mum (The Original!)
This mum is the creme of the crop and the largest mum we offer without consultation. It includes 3 - 8" flowers and surrounded by the backing buildout you choose. Be prepared for a very wide finished product.
4 - Quad Mum
This is a gorgeous mum! It's easy to wear since it is split into two double mums that are connected with a braid, chain or similar. Can request it as 4 mums combined in a 2*2 shape.
Have an idea for a different type of mum? We can build (almost) anything you can think up! Previously we have created :
  • Drill Team Boot
  • Drill Team Boot + Heart
  • Over The Should (Pair any two shapes you want, including a "mini" shape on your back)
  • Softball/Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer ball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Skateboard

Contact us or stop by the store for a free consultation to discuss your idea!

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